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Greetings!  My name is Jeanette Kimball.

I am a fully insured, bonded and licensed professional pet sitter and I LOVE IT!


I grew up in the Bay Area with dogs, cats, guinea pigs and horses.  Attending Cal Poly, SLO I majored in Animal Science and then went into Food Service and eventually managed 5 of the Restaurants on Campus for 35 years.  After retiring from Cal Poly Corporation I began my dream job of working with animals.  I started JPetSits and have been Professionally Pet Sitting and Dog Walking since 2011 in San Luis Obispo. 


My husband and I were the lucky dog parents to our 7 Newfies and now to our 3 special Havanese.  Our silly kitty runs the house!  I've always had  wonderful horses in my life too.


I feel the pets I have the privilege of caring become part of my family.  I am used to the mess and the work that goes into providing the best care for your little family members.

One of my favorite stories is about Bob the dog. Bob was an very old Chesapeake Bay retriever who was so loved by everyone.  I had the privilege of caring for him during his last year. One of his difficulties was with his bowels. Our last time together consisted of more than a couple hours of cleaning up the house from accidents. Bob was very embarrassed by this. Not a problem to me. I turned to him and asked him,

"What's a little poop between friends?" I just continued cleaning up and giving him love. We both felt so much better.


I love caring for so many of San Luis Obispo's pets, and I am here to care for your beloved pet as though they are one of my own. 


Questions? Email me at or, call or text me 805.801.0921


Bob and His Card to Me

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