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Who I take care of

I come to your home to care for your pets.  Most pets are more comfortable staying in their home environment, particularly kitties.  Dogs, especially older pups, prefer their own bed!  I do drop-in visits.  I will work with you to come up with the best care plan for your situation.  In addition to caring for dogs and cats I love guinea pigs, fish and birds.  I also care for horses.



Care Options

Together we will work out a schedule for the services you want.  These include feeding, pet cleanup – poop scooping, litter box cleaning, medications, fresh water and lots of loving.

I walk dogs that are together in a house. Depending on size up to 3 at a time.  I will use your leashes, except no retractable leashes.  I may have recommendations on a type of equipment that may work better i.e. pulling dogs.  I don’t do any off leash walks or go to dog parks.  There is too much exposure for injuries, fights or escape.  Of course, poop is ALWAYS cleaned up on walks!

Kitties must stay indoors while you are gone.  This way I am able to monitor their eating and bathroom routines, or if they get injured.  Over the years I’ve had too many kitties that “disappeared” and my heart can’t take it.  Kitties get the level of attention that they want!



Veterinary Appointments

I offer pet taxi service to vet or grooming appointments. I am also available to pick up food or medications.



Additional Services Available

I will bring in your newspaper, mail and any packages that arrive. Take out the trash bins and bring in. Alternate lights and blinds. Turn music on or off. I’ll do light watering, but plants are not my forte!  I make the house look like someone is home.  I will ask you whether your neighbors know you will be gone, have keys, and whether they are friends or are strictly neighbors.

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